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Jean-Louis Bourgeois protesting the US war in Iraq on the doorstep of Donald Rumsfeld (US Secretary of Defense) in Taos, New Mexico where they both have homes



Djenné mosque
Spectacular Venacular


Jean-Louis Bourgeois is an activist, relaxivist, and Groucho Marxist. He is a "neo-luddite", a student of the primordial buddhas , a feminist and advocate for the first female Dalai Lama, a renegade son of the establishment (Harvard '5), and a Relaxivist opponent of the work ethic and of Industrial labor practices . He is also an author and architectural historian with a special interest in adobe traditions.

     Jean-Louis Bourgeois wrote a lauded survey of adobe architecture, Spectacular Vernacular illustrated by his late wife, the photographer Carollee Pelos. Together they travelled in Africa, fell in love with Djenné, and built their own adobe home in Taos, New Mexico. Jean Louis' continuing struggle to defend the African landscape they both loved, particularly the historic city of Djenné   in Mali, West Africa, is consecrated to the memory of Carollee.

     The Djenné Initiative, of which Jean-Louis is President, is deeply engaged in Djenne's struggle against the construction of the Talo Dam   an ill-conceived African Development Bank Project which would wreak disaster in the floodplain of the Bani River, a tributary of the Niger River.

     This struggle for the cultural survival of Djenné is coming to a head 9,10,11 2004 with an historic concert . An international audience will join the people of Djenné and Timbuctoo to hear the Malian World Music superstar and Grammy-Award winner Ali Farka Toure with other world music stars perform at  4 th annual festival in the dessert near Timbuctoo January 9, 10, 11, 2004.

     What is ENOUGHISM? Enoughism is a call for peace and restraint.

     ENOUGH greed, despoliation and arrogance masquerading as "development." ENOUGH consumerism and desire run wild.

ENOUGH "pharonic" grandiosity on the architectural and cultural plan, and a return to the human scale .



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